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Our Story

Live Love Pamper

We fell in love when we were 13 years old and have been together for over 25years. Over the years we have continued to celebrate and surprise each other. Gifts and experiences are a small way of reminding your loved ones how special they are. The thrill of unwrapping a present and joy from an unexpected gift has never failed us. 

We love the smiles on the faces of our loved ones with a special gesture. Often, we have our friends and family members asking us for gifts suggestions. Thus, we created Live Love Pamper.

The gift hampers at Live. Love. Pamper are thoughtfully crafted to make gifting meaningful, easy, and suitable for all budgets. 


Whether it's a gift to your friend, family, colleague, or work associate, we have a gift available for you. 

We can also customise the gift hamper for you depending on your needs. 

Don't know what you are looking for? We also help craft a special experience, plan a date/ day or more. 

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